No Disaster Recovery strategy, could mean no business – Attix5

With only 35% of organisations equipped with a disaster recovery plan, according to Gartner, there is a dire need for more awareness around this facet of business management. Attix5, global developer and provider of data protection software and cloud solutions, is leading in efforts to drive the message home that an effective DR plan is fundamental to any credible business operation, irrespective of position, size and sector.

Speaking at the Cloud World Forum 2014, hosted in London recently, Attix5 CTO Petrus Human stressed the severity of the issue of data loss, in the Cloud and elsewhere, and the danger of apathy amongst businesses in developing and implementing a disaster recovery strategy.

“There are so few organisations with a disaster recovery plan that the obvious choice should be for businesses to look at expert cloud providers offering DRaaS or even custom onsite or Hybrid DR solution providers. Most businesses have some sort of backup plan in place, but what happens when disaster actually strikes? We want to increase the awareness around the fact that many organisations could be in trouble,” said Human.

Data loss is on top of the dangers list and the primary focus when implementing a disaster recovery plan.

Human says, the reasons behind loss of data varies from human error (where crucial segments of data are deleted accidentally for example), hardware failure and external influences such as power outages fire and theft to name a few.

Using its established set of products and solutions, Attix5 is innovating a ground breaking technology which will enable SMBs and SMEs to integrate fit-for-purpose DR solutions.

Attix5’s newly introduced data recovery offering, DynamicRestore, is designed to instantly restore a business’ data and also have servers up and running in minutes in the event of a crisis. There is no wait-time for recovery and, as Human explains, this is not a replication or costly high-availability solution – which, to date, have been largely responsible for holding back progress within the small-to-medium segment.

One of the most significant challenges to business operations today is that recovery time and recovery points. It is important for businesses to get data transmitted and backed up as frequently as possible so that the data loss is minimal. “It does not help to do backups every few minutes if it will take half a day or a day to recover the data. This is where Attix5 really ads value. We offer solutions which gives the companies the ability to get their business up and running in the cloud, or even build their own solutions using our Titanium hardware appliances,” says Human.

Looking ahead Attix5 will be leveraging its new-look brand and focus on its roadmap and development team to increase innovation around RPO and RTO (Recovery point and recovery time objectives) to avoid having to send high volumes of data across the network. “With our mantra being “The innovators in data protection and recovery”, the aim is to continually improve the process – from backup to disaster recovery and make it more accessible and cost effective,” Human adds.

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Attix5, rising to new heights in backup and recovery

With Cloud playing an increasingly prominent role in business operations, companies are trying their utmost to protect their Cloud-based data without compromising on security or quality. Attix5 has the answer.

With a range of cloud solutions – ensuring secure back up and critical business information recovery, as a defining factor to Attix5’s core business, these solutions scale according to the customers’ environment and are designed for private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

In order to provide the same level of security and disaster recovery to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (to mirror what is done with large organisations), Attix5 provides: automated real-time protection and AES 256-bit encryption technology and regular, ongoing automated backups where bandwidth utilisation is reduced with compression technologies like de-duplication.

The Attix5 Titanium Onsite Backup Appliance is now available to provide customers with the most comprehensive backup and recovery solution. It is designed to reduce the complexity of protecting and recovering valuable data for both physical and virtual environments like Windows file server, Exchange or SQL Server, VMware or Hyper-V virtual server.

The Titanium is a fully equipped, on-site appliance available as a scalable and optimised hardware option. It includes unlimited licences and is suitable for the Attix5 Hybrid or Private Cloud solutions that enable off-site replication of data directly to the cloud.

Attix5 Managed and Professional Services combined with the Titanium Appliance, form part of Attix5’s multi-faceted new-look offering. Going forward, it will ensure customers’ piece of mind by providing only relevant and appropriate services suited to their rapidly changing business needs and environments.

With Software as a Service (SaaS), which includes full technical support and daily monitoring of a customer’s backup environment, Attix5 is enabling customers to focus on their core business, “…while leaving specialised fields like backup and recovery to the professionals like Attix5,” adds Heidi Weyers, General Manager for sales at Attix5.

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South African Data Protection Experts take Cloud Recovery Capability into New Era

Johannesburg and Stellenbosch based backup and recovery solution specialist, Attix5, today announced the launch of DynamicRestore, a revolutionary, instantaneous, Cloud-based disaster recovery solution, at the Cloud World Forum conference and exhibition in London. DynamicRestore will provide end-users with immediate recoverability in the event of a loss of critical servers and data.

DynamicRestore is being launched as part of the new Attix5 Dynamic product, which incorporates the features and benefits of the company’s current Attix5 Pro solution combined with the new DynamicRestore technology.

The innovative patent-pending business continuity and recovery technology, gives service providers the ability to offer a managed, multi-tenant, Cloud-based recovery solution to their end-users. DynamicRestore enables businesses to get their operations back up and running within minutes rather than days, reducing recovery time and saving businesses from economic failure. Flexible, time efficient and cost effective, no additional hardware or storage is required and backed-up data can be accessed from any location.

Speaking at the event, Michael Law, CEO, Attix5, said: “Cloud Computing is an important growth market across the African continent and we’re delighted to be launching DynamicRestore today, which is going to be an extremely viable option for African-based enterprises. It offers the stability and resilience which is critical to business operations around the world but especially in a market like Africa – which often suffers from service disruptions such as power outages. DynamicRestore increases the efficiency and delivery of business continuity and disaster recovery in an emergency which significantly reduces the time and cost implications for businesses.”

Attix5 is based in Johannesburg and Stellenbosch and through its extensive partner network it also has a presence across Africa and South Africa in countries which include: Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Botswana, amongst others.

To find out more about DynamicRestore, watch this video interview: For more information about Attix5, please visit the website:

The Cloud World Forum is currently taking place (17-18 June 2014), at the Olympia National, London, UK. Boasting an impressive agenda with more than 300 speakers participating from 74 countries, the event is EMEA’s largest and most comprehensive Cloud event.

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Attix5 provides Titanium-strength backup service to Hamptons International

Hamptons International, a leading international residential property company, has invested in the Titanium Appliance onsite backup and recovery solution from its service provider Attix5, a global data protection software and cloud solution provider. As a result, the property company has streamlined its tape-based offsite backup process and added a new dimension to the security of its data.

The Titanium Appliance offers the best of both worlds – LAN speed restores and offsite 2nd copy for disaster recovery.

However, it is the option to extend this backup service into the Cloud – either through Self-Service or Backup as a Service (BaaS) – that enhances the appeal of the solution and combined technology.

Luv Duggal, GM for Sales at Attix5, says that there is a demand for backup solutions that offer flexibility, scalability and reliability.

To this end the Titanium Appliance uses Attix5’s integrated de-duplication to reduce the space and the network resources required for backups, and still provides full protection and recovery for both physical and virtual environments.

Attix5’s Titanium Appliance is preinstalled with the Company’s software and enables any organisation to easily backup all desktops, laptops and servers on a single onsite device. This infrastructure is optimised, through the software, for fast, secure, and resilient backups.

This differentiated the offering in the eyes of the executive leadership team at Hamptons International. They were in the market for technology that would eliminate the need to use a high volume of tapes for backup, a particular issue that made its previous solution slow, media-intensive, difficult and cumbersome.

Any potential replacement solution had to live up to two key criteria: it had to offer the ability to link to the Cloud and make provision for local backups.

With a centralised management console as standard, the Titanium Appliance solution met the criteria and Hamptons International’s requirement for a robust, hybrid solution – one that offers the ability to work both onsite and in the Cloud.

Himasou Makwana, IT Operations Team Leader at Hamptons International, said that whilst the integration and application of the solution is still in its infancy, there is little doubt that the ability to offload old backups to the Company’s own storage will help towards cost savings.

Luv Duggal, said the solution is an ideal, cost-effective fit for its Client and will eliminate the need to visit a data centre to change tapes. It will vastly improve the client’s RTOs and ensure business continuity in case of disaster or system failure.

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Attix5 solutions are Heartbleed free

Executive leadership at Attix5, a global provider of data protection software and cloud solutions, has confirmed that the Attix5 Pro backup software is not affected by the Heartbleed bug, a security vulnerability in certain versions of the commonly used OpenSSL security library.

Danie Marais, Founder and Development Director at Attix5, said the bug has been filed as CVE-2014-0160 in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures database. It allows an attacker to gain access to plaintext data transmitted over an encrypted SSL tunnel.

“Our software is not affected since neither the Storage Platform nor the Backup Client uses the OpenSSL library for secure communications,” Marais explains. “As an added measure of comfort, we have tested a number of public Attix5 Platforms (including WebAccess) using a reputable security firm and all of them were confirmed to be unaffected.”

As a leader in data protection technology Attix5 will continue to monitor developments involving Heartbleed and will ensure that its software remains unaffected.

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Attix5’s premier global service strengthens IT across UK schools

International data protection software and cloud solution provider Attix5, via its long-standing partnership with Capita SIMS, has helped to ensure the successful rollout of data backup services across thousands of schools in the United Kingdom.

SIMS is a Windows-based management information system (MIS) used by 22,000 schools in the UK to manage information on students relating to their achievement, behaviour and attendance.

Attix5 offers a safe and reliable remote back-up and recovery service that protects the critical information generated and stored on school desktops, laptops and servers.

Attix5, the first and longstanding SIMS accredited back-up solution, was selected as a partner based on the high calibre of its reference sites and the quality of its track record in technology integration and support.

Attix5 back-up software Attix5 Pro, now ensures the data of 8,000 schools is backed up automatically and can be recovered if required.

Due to the simplicity and nature of the product, Attix5 Pro is easy to support with a high server to single support engineer ratio. This is an ideal solution for schools, academies and local authorities.

Petrus Human, CTO of Attix5, said that the company’s multi-tenanted, full range of cloud deployment options and onsite backup appliance offering, ensures that it is ideally positioned to add value to the continual growth of academies in the education space.

“We are very pleased with our partnership with Attix5. The data in SIMS is critical to the day-to-day management of a school and it is important to us to have a partner that can offer a reliable back-up service so a school can recover quickly from a major incident such as a flood or fire,” says David Grashoff, head of partner management at Capita SIMS.

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Attix5 launches the new Titanium Backup Appliance

Attix5, an international data protection software and cloud solution provider, has announced the release of the Titanium Appliance, a complete onsite backup and recovery solution preinstalled with Attix5 software.

This will enable any organisation to easily backup all desktops, laptops and servers on a single onsite device which is optimised for fast, secure backups using Attix5 software. The ability to link multiple appliances offers the scalability that businesses require to support growth and expansion.

This once-off purchase (including unlimited licenses and software updates) ensures that an organisation’s entire data is backed up on-site via the LAN with the option to mirror to an offsite location or private cloud.

The Titanium Appliance offers the best of both worlds – LAN for fast restore and offsite storage in the case of disaster recovery.

However, it is the option to extend this backup service onto the Cloud – either through Self-Service or Backup as a Service (Baas) – that enhances the appeal of the solution and combined technology.

Robert Kellerman, marketing manager of Attix5, says that there is a demand for backup solutions that offer flexibility, scalability and reliability.

To this end the Titanium Appliance uses Attix5’s integrated de-duplication to reduce the space as well as network resources required for backups and still provides full protection and recovery for both physical and virtual environments.

“This level of protection is offered irrespective of what server infrastructure is home to the data.” says Kellerman.

Attix5 backup software, featuring the Titanium Appliance, offers support for Microsoft® Exchange, SQL® Server and virtual instances on VMware, Hyper-V and more.

“This is a powerful offering that offers users true peace of mind regarding the backup of data, as well as the availability of cloud-based options to cater for all sizes of companies and meet all existing and expected requirements,” Kellerman adds.

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